The Final Patch

June 28, 2009 at 12:55 pm (MaxMSP/Jitter Progress)

I’ve been working on my final patch in Max. It’s almost complete, though I still have to think through certain interactions with the seat-trigger. If someone triggers the number pad on and off in quick succession (perhaps by re-adjusting their behind!), then there is a fade in/fade out overlap which disrupts the whole patch! I’ll have time to smooth this out though, just need to think through some ways of gating the journeys fade object if this quick on-off occurs…


I am structuring the piece so that when someone enters the space, they encounter the River. When they sit down the journeys in to the city begin, as the light present fades down. The short journey compositions endlessly link together until the person stands up, which returns them to the River once again as the light fades up.


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