7.1 (3/4.1) Set-up

June 24, 2009 at 8:12 pm (Logic Progress)

I’ve set-up in my room and have been working on my compositions in the last few days.

I will be able to do all my panning in Logic, since I can export each finished piece as ‘split files’ (one mono file for each channel). Then, in MaxMSP, I will route each file to the corresponding output.

I’m very much enjoying using surround. As I work I keep generating new ideas about how to utilize its potential to create more dynamic perspectives and motion. Logic has a very user-friendly surround panning interface, which hasn’t taken me too long to get my head around thankfully.


I’ve decided to be more selective with my material now. Since I have to mixdown everything I’ve created thus far again (in surround), I won’t have the time to finish entire journey compositions. Instead I’m composing several short pieces for each journey, derived from the most interesting segments of each whole.

I hope to have 30 short pieces for the ‘journey’ state of the installation, and 1 longer piece for the ‘River’ state. I feel this is achievable since I’ve spent a lot of time listening to and preparing material and I’m more certain about my approach to composition.


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