Jitter + projection

June 18, 2009 at 9:05 pm (MaxMSP/Jitter Progress, Visualisations)

I built some Jitter patches to test in the room today. Initially I wanted to generate a colour and have it fade to black, then up again when it received an input. This would serve as a model for the seat trigger. I came up with a couple of working solutions with a different assortment of objects:


In the end, I found the easiest and most flexible solution was to hack an example patch, adapting it to my needs. After getting to grips with a few new objects I created the final patch, which allowed me to crossfade between 2 videos (one blue circle and my ear/window music video), as well as adjust hue, brightness, contrast and saturation:


I’m thinking of layering subtle moving imagery underneath my colour, to add texture and motion to the feel of the space. Previous experiments of projecting a still blue felt a bit static, as if the objects illuminated by the light were frozen in time – even with my compositions playing. In contrast, todays tests with moving image restored the sense of time and the space felt more inviting, which is what I want!


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