June 18, 2009 at 8:39 pm (Visualisations)

Over the last week or so a lot of progress has been made inside the room, largely due to my Dad’s help. Instead of painting the entire room black to acheive darkness, I’ve opted to create a room within the room. This eliminates any risk of people accidentally bumping into equipment, radiators, etc, as well as shaping how someone might experience the space in a more interesting way. (hopefully)


A wooden framework has been constructed from which I will hang black cloth to create the walls and ceiling, eliminating light. A projector has been secured on wooden beams across the top of the space, allowing for vertical projecting with a mirror.


So far, I’ve tested a few projections of colour on collected objects and a potential ‘seat’, accompanied by sound.

In everyday at the moment, so plenty of opportunity to keep testing and adapting my work. However, time is slipping away fast, so I must stay focused and keep up the pace!


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