April 25, 2009 at 7:10 pm (Artists Statement & Reflection, Main Derives)

To give myself a bit more direction when working on my compositions, I’ve been trying to define what I’ve learned from undertaking my journeys and what exactly it is I want to say about the Soundscape & its relation to urban space. I have decided to stop working on my pieces for the time being, instead asking myself a series of written questions to answer and reflect upon. The four initial questions I’ve come up with are:

1) What was the experience of soundwalking through London like?

2) i. What observations were made about the soundscape during my journeys?

2) ii. What observations were made during preparing and working on recorded material?

3) How do the above observations feed in to how the soundscape may effect our perception; both of urban space and in a wider sense of processing experience.

4) In what ways can these ideas inform my compositional process and aesthetic descisions?

Hopefully answering these will give me a better idea of where to take things when composing, or at the least, they’ll give me a more solid foundation from which to build upon. I have, at times, felt somewhat lost during composing. I kept asking myself ‘What does this sound reveal about the soundscape?’, but I guess before asking myself that it makes sense to go back a step and ask ‘What have I learnt about the soundscape so far?’



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