Improvisations and sketches

March 25, 2009 at 5:53 pm (Logic Progress)

I’ve been making a large batch of EXS24 instruments in Logic 8, derived from field recordings made during my journeys around London. This is an edited version of the improv using these instruments.

I slowly built up loops live, altering tempo, pitch, cutoff frequency and other parameters within the EXS24 via midi keyboard automation, and Logic in TOUCH mode.

Although Logic isn’t really geared for live improvisation, there are ways to work with it which can yield interesting results. And of course, it’s a much more engaging way of making music, rather than programming. I will try and push this further.

I made a few quick sketches /loops as I was preparing my sound material. All elements were practised, tuned (pitch) and recorded in live (using midi keyboard), which left the grooves quite loose and ‘natural’ sounding.

Though these sketches may work ‘musically’ speaking, they perhaps don’t give an impression of what particular spaces sound like. There is no sense of realism about them, in the way the sounds behave and react with one another. I want to develop a compositional approach that strikes a balance between depicting a space ‘realistically’ with sound and transforming the sound to explore how the imagined space mutates.


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