January’s work / adjustments

February 3, 2009 at 11:45 pm (Artists Statement & Reflection)


January was quite a productive period, largely due to having a computer once again! I’ve completed 5 derives from the bridges and a number of smaller journeys / locational recordings. Half of the sound material collected has been prepared within Logic, whilst the remaining material will be prepared by the end of the week.

I am moving forward at a steady pace, but am still feeling the pressure of time looming over me.

At the moment I am trying to embark on 3 journeys per week and prepare the material from them as well. This should mean I’ve covered substantial ground in terms of collected / prepared material by the end of February.

I’ve been thinking recently about how to structure of my final piece and trying to think about the visual aspect more. The journeys themselves have also sparked a few ideas, perhaps indicating a change in some of my methodologies;

I have been naturally drawn to the soundscape around the River’s embankments. Consequently, this has lead me to walk through certain spaces that I have already traveled through. This has given me the idea of connecting all my journeys together on foot, which in turn would give me an approach to structuring my final piece, for example, if I went ahead with the previous MaxMSP idea of linking together compositions. This indicates a new rule (or rather a change of method):

I can only start a journey from a bridge that I have encountered already.


I can start a journey at any point along a previous journeys route.
I could perhaps use a combination of the two. I may want to still use the bridges as my first point of departure, then after I encountered a wide spread of them (geographically), I could employ the second journey method. This has implications on the use of derive though. If I need to reach a bridge to start a new journey from it, it will give me a destination, which perhaps contradicts the point of a derive. That said, only 1 of the 2 journeys I embark on will have to cross a bridge (either North or South).

However I choose to adapt my approach to exploration one thing is clear, I must cover more ground. I feel I need to embrace as much of this endless City as I can, venturing deeper in to unfamiliar territory, eventually reconnecting these fragmented wonderings through urbanity…


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