Derive from Vauxhall Bridge (North)

February 3, 2009 at 9:31 pm (Main Derives)


Date:  09.01.29

Start location / time: Vauxhall Bridge @ 20:04

1. North on Vauxhall Bridge
2. Down the steps to Crownreach
3. Through the building on to drummond gate
4. follow drummond gate, walk through Pimlico Station
5. Out of the exit on the same side
6. Cross the road and walk down St Georges Sq
7. Take a right on Grosvenor Road
8. Battersea Park, on to the beach
9. Oakley Street on to Kings Road
10. Left on to Sydney Streey
11. Follow on to Iksworth Street, Lucan Place, then back and across to Makins Street, then right on to Sloane Ave
12. Follow on to Anderson Street
13. Right on Kings Road for 5 mins, then turn around and head back on myself all the way to Sloane Sq

End location / time: Sloane Square Tube @ 22.24



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