Derive from Albert Bridge (North)

February 26, 2009 at 11:12 am (Main Derives)


Date : 09.02.21

Start location / time : Albert Bridge @ 15:41


End location / time: Barnes Bridge @ 19:46

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Derive from Albert Bridge (South)

February 21, 2009 at 11:55 am (Main Derives)


Date: 09.02.20

Start location / time: Albert Bridge @ 15.18


End location / time: Putney Bridge Tube @ 18.47

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Derive from Vauxhall Bridge (South)

February 20, 2009 at 12:08 pm (Main Derives)


Date: 09.02.19

Start location / time: Vauxhall Bridge @ 13.25


End location / time: New Cross Road @ 17.52

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Progress, process & scaling down !

February 19, 2009 at 11:50 am (Artists Statement & Reflection, Logic Progress)

I’ve spent the last few days finishing off preparing my sound material collected from the 6 journeys I’ve done so far.

It has taken slightly longer than expected, but the extra time has definitely been worth it. Through the use of re-sampling techniques, I’ve found that I can create an abundance of material to work with. The longer I spend listening and extracting the interesting moments in each recording, the better the results.

Thus far I’ve created 100 sampler instruments in Logic, which I can play and manipulate using my midi keyboard. My work flow is building up momentum, helped by organisation, process and also subverting process!


I make notes as I work on sounds, take screenshots, make drawings and mind-maps. Occasionally I get tired of using similar processes each time I am preparing sounds, so I try and experiment with new ways of cutting & re-sampling, to keep myself interested. Usually, after I’ve made a small batch of instruments I’ll improvise with them and do a few quick sketches. This is good motivation for continuing the preparation task, and allows me to assess whether or not the sound recording made is actually workable!


As I’ve been creating and improvising with the instruments I’ve made, I’ve come to realise that the study of urban spaces and their character can be explored at home. Now, each sound has a space attached to it in my minds eye. With each mutation and variation on the sound, this space begins to take on a whole new form. I may not need to revisit spaces after all, as the memories of a space still resonate strongly within my mind when I’m working with the sound recorded there.


A few weeks ago I was trying to think about linking together my separate journeys through the City. This lead me to think I needed to carry on making lots of additional ‘sub’ journeys on foot, physically piecing together my routes and also covering more of the urban soundscape.

However, I’m finding I can reconnect my separate routes mentally, since there are many ways to coherently link different sounds within the digital domain. For example;

Linking journeys with my Impulse Response Clap Reverb’s

e.g. Through the use of IR Reverb on both A & B , I can create a continuity between sounds, since they will be linked in sonic character through the effect.

sound A

space A1

sound B

space B1

state – description

1 – A

2 – A + A1

3 – A1

4 – A1 + B1

5 – B1

6 – B+ B1

7 – B

I was thinking of this in terms of my MaxMSP structure idea;

Say if sound A is from journey 1 composition and sound B is from journey 2 composition, you could create a link-way between the two compositions.


* the dotted lines are journeys 1 and 2 !

There are other ways to link material, such as through similar sound sources (seagulls link to seagulls, football matches link to football matches, etc).


I’ve realised that as I’ve been working on this project, I’ve been striving for some kind of completeness in my final outcome. This completeness, I previously thought, would come from embarking on more and more journeys and getting an all encompasing view of what London’s soundscape is.

However, time is of the essence. The more journeys I do, the more material I’ll have to work through, which in turn leads to less time for me to work on the compositions themselves. Spending time on my composition is really important to me. I’d rather make 12 journey compositions in great detail, as opposed to 24 in half the detail. Also, with the way I’m thinking of structuring the piece within MaxMSP, new routes could be added further down the line if need be – maybe even post-MA. I feel this project could keep growing!

So my new plan is to complete 6 more journeys (from bridges) by the 1st week of march, and leave it at that for the moment.


It’ll take me another week or so preparing this new material, then I’ll concentrate on the compositions and MaxMSP work.


Each sound can have a life of its own. Each sound can move, transform and mutate into a plethora of shapes and forms. These new manifestations of the sounds from London’s soundscape, can embark on journeys of their own, they are free.

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Derive from Tower Bridge (North)

February 4, 2009 at 9:26 pm (Main Derives)


Date:  09.02.04

Start location / time: Tower Bridge @ 13:20


End location / time: Burdett Road @ 16:47

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January’s work / adjustments

February 3, 2009 at 11:45 pm (Artists Statement & Reflection)


January was quite a productive period, largely due to having a computer once again! I’ve completed 5 derives from the bridges and a number of smaller journeys / locational recordings. Half of the sound material collected has been prepared within Logic, whilst the remaining material will be prepared by the end of the week.

I am moving forward at a steady pace, but am still feeling the pressure of time looming over me.

At the moment I am trying to embark on 3 journeys per week and prepare the material from them as well. This should mean I’ve covered substantial ground in terms of collected / prepared material by the end of February.

I’ve been thinking recently about how to structure of my final piece and trying to think about the visual aspect more. The journeys themselves have also sparked a few ideas, perhaps indicating a change in some of my methodologies;

I have been naturally drawn to the soundscape around the River’s embankments. Consequently, this has lead me to walk through certain spaces that I have already traveled through. This has given me the idea of connecting all my journeys together on foot, which in turn would give me an approach to structuring my final piece, for example, if I went ahead with the previous MaxMSP idea of linking together compositions. This indicates a new rule (or rather a change of method):

I can only start a journey from a bridge that I have encountered already.


I can start a journey at any point along a previous journeys route.
I could perhaps use a combination of the two. I may want to still use the bridges as my first point of departure, then after I encountered a wide spread of them (geographically), I could employ the second journey method. This has implications on the use of derive though. If I need to reach a bridge to start a new journey from it, it will give me a destination, which perhaps contradicts the point of a derive. That said, only 1 of the 2 journeys I embark on will have to cross a bridge (either North or South).

However I choose to adapt my approach to exploration one thing is clear, I must cover more ground. I feel I need to embrace as much of this endless City as I can, venturing deeper in to unfamiliar territory, eventually reconnecting these fragmented wonderings through urbanity…

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Derive from Vauxhall Bridge (North)

February 3, 2009 at 9:31 pm (Main Derives)


Date:  09.01.29

Start location / time: Vauxhall Bridge @ 20:04

1. North on Vauxhall Bridge
2. Down the steps to Crownreach
3. Through the building on to drummond gate
4. follow drummond gate, walk through Pimlico Station
5. Out of the exit on the same side
6. Cross the road and walk down St Georges Sq
7. Take a right on Grosvenor Road
8. Battersea Park, on to the beach
9. Oakley Street on to Kings Road
10. Left on to Sydney Streey
11. Follow on to Iksworth Street, Lucan Place, then back and across to Makins Street, then right on to Sloane Ave
12. Follow on to Anderson Street
13. Right on Kings Road for 5 mins, then turn around and head back on myself all the way to Sloane Sq

End location / time: Sloane Square Tube @ 22.24


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Derive from Golden Jubilee Bridge (North)

February 3, 2009 at 9:11 pm (Main Derives)


I longer need to list my sound recordings on my blog, since I have to rename all my material in Logic anyway.

I have started to write down the route of my journey in text though:

Date:  09.01.28

Start location / time: Golden Jubilee Bridge @ 18.06

1. North on GJ Bridge

2. Walk down the steps at the end of the bridge, leading to Embankment station.

3. Walk through the station


4. Take a right down Watergate Walk

5. York Buildings on to Lower Robert Street

6. George Court

7. William Street

8. Portrait Gallery through Leicester Square to HMV


9. Sherwood Street on to Lower James St

10. Through Kingly Street on to Carnaby Street

11. Malborough Street to Poland Street

12. Adam and Eve Court, Eastcastle Street

13. Great Titchfiled Street to Riding House Street

14. Right on to Clevland Street and left on to Tottenham Street

15. Goodge Place on to Rathbone place, Rathbone Street

16. Gress Street on to Steven Street

17. Montague Place cross Tottenham Court Road

18. Bedford Place to Russel Sq

19. Guildford Street, Queen Annes Walk, Queens Sq

20. Great Olmund Street on to Guildford Place


21. Guildford Street on to Mecklenburg place

22. Mecklenburg Square

23. Through the park across the road to the Brunswick Centre


24. Left in middle of Brunswick Centre, right on to Bernard Street – straight to Russel Square

25. Right on to Thornore street through Uni campus

26. On to Torrington Place

27. Mallet Place on to Torrington Place

28. Gower Street on to Euston Road

End location / time: Euston Road Bus Station @ 21:20

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