London spaces re-created

January 26, 2009 at 11:13 am (Logic Progress)

I’ve been experimenting with Logic’s Space Designer reverb plug-in and learning how to use its Impulse Response function.


Impulse Response (IR) is a term used to describe the reverberant character of a room when stimulated by a signal spike. (e.g. a loud, short sound).

The Space Designer IR function allows you to load an a audio sample (for example, I used a clap underneath Lambeth bridge) and create a reverb template from it. You can then effect another sound using that reverb template, effectively putting it in a that particular acoustic space. So, you can put a sound of say Big Ben chiming, in the acoustic space underneath Lambeth bridge.

Although the claps I have recorded have a bit of background noise which effects the way the Space Designer IR responds, the depiction of acoustic space sounds fairly accurate.

So, I can effectively create a whole batch of my own reverberant spaces derived from the claps I record in different spaces around the City.

Now that I have the option of displacing the sound from location into another it may be useful for me to return to Trevor Wishart’s Landscape chapter in On Sonic Art, since it deals with the juxtaposition of sounds in space and different ways of approaching this relationship.

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