Group Crit reflections

January 24, 2009 at 3:09 pm (Presentations, Crits & Tutorials)


We had a part-time year 2 group critique recently, in which we all presented some of the key issues we need to resolve in order to push our projects forward. It was extremely useful to hear my coursemates perspectives on the issues written below. The main focus of the discussion was the visual element of my work, which the majority of people felt wasn’t needed because the sound ‘speaks for itself’.

On listening to my sound composition, some of my coursemates envisaged a dark installation space, the creation of an environment in which the audience first lets go of their vision and becomes a listener; leaving space for them to form sound-images in the minds eye.

Whilst I can imagine this working quite well, the implications on my approach to the sound compositions would be that I’d have to use more of the signifying sounds of the City to locate the listener (e.g. Big Ben). There is also a difficulty here when it comes to representing the feeling of a particular space. With the visual severed, the dialogue between that space and the sound that occurs might become too obscure. What I mean by this is that by handing over the visual element to ones imagination, a plethora of ever changing spaces and sound-images may arise, perhaps moving too far away from really conveying anything direct about a particular location and how the soundscape effects us there.

Other ideas put forward by my coursemates were separating the sound and the visual element, which I explored to a certain extent in my Big Ben piece. I particularly liked one suggestion of using a darkened corridor with the sound in the center and a visual (perhaps a still) at either end, helping to frame the work.

What I need to do now is to experiment with the visual element of my work. I’ve given myself to the end of February to come up with the idea I will go forward with.

Over the next 5 weeks 1/3 of my time will be dedicated to sound (Logic and MaxMSP), 1/3 visual experiments (Jitter, other software, etc) and the other 1/3 will be collecting material via my journeys. Any further research at this stage will be focused more on sound-based installation and their agency. One of my coursemates suggested I look at Janet Cardiff. I will!


I have produced this calender, which has been really useful so far, particularly the post-it notes! I am currently putting together a more detailed master plan (than the one in my MADA2 report) to make sure I stay on track over the next few months. I shall post this soon.


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