Derive from Golden Jubilee Bridge (South)

January 14, 2009 at 11:56 pm (Main Derives)


I was drawn towards tunnels and underpasses many times during this journey and recorded claps in each space I encountered. There seems to be quite an interesting mixture of sounds along the River…

Recordings made:

1. train, then trumpet and accordion on bridge

2. train, underneath bridge DELETE

3. train, underneath bridge, slow steady rhythm


4. claps underneath bridge

5. train, accelerating

6. drilling, building work at London Eye

7. London Eye being serviced

8. seagull by L.E, Big Ben chimes (2.45pm)

9. building work opposite L.E

10. exorcist theme – “wanna see some blood and guts? A horror show, live! A real horror show!”, seagulls

11. 2 birds chirping, distant tubular bells

12. birds, crying child

13. walking in to tunnel, claps


14. pigeon flutters past

15. water by steps on bank opposite Big Ben

16. Big Ben – 3pm

17. cyclist

18. runner, chatting

19. claps in tunnel underneath Lambeth bridge

20. claps in passage way near Lambeth bridge – raw hands!


22. extractor fan

23. police sirens, distant (on Black Prince Rd)

24. boy cycles past underneath train tunnel

25. traffic, passes – underneath train tunnel

26. car stereo underneath train tunnel – claps

27. claps underneath train tunnel

28. stone path on a green

29. claps, train underneath second train tunnel


30. seagulls feeding time!

31. seagulls, walking past

32. claps in passage way near Vauxhall bridge

33. walking on a small bank at high tide, near Vauxhall bridge

34. St George Wharf claps

35. St George Wharf claps

36. St George Wharf tunnel-pathway between flats

37. kids shouting near main road entrance at St George Wharf

38. building site at SGW

39. building site at SGW, passing police sirens – interesting reverberations


40. building site, continued

41. building site, near tube entrance

42. underneath train tunnel

43. underneath train tunnel

44. Vauxhall bridge underground passageway – choir over speakers

45. walking through bus station

46. street DELETE

47. blue underpass

48. school boys on a corner


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