Derive from London Bridge (South)

January 12, 2009 at 6:57 pm (Main Derives)


This journey initially began south of the River walking along the Southbank. I changed direction halfway, crossing the River upon hearing music being played on Golden Jubilee bridge.

This is the list of sound recordings made:

1. walking towards cathedral – church bells, bicycle wheels

2. stationary – church bells

3. 4 old gents sing, distant church bells

4. walking past operatic singing under archway

5. footsteps

6. wind DELETE

7. water (close up)


8. footsteps on Millennium Bridge (recorded underneath)

9. inside Tate Modern Turbine Hall

10. walking up escalators

11. coins and spheres

12. rulers

13. radios

14. kids shouting and people chattering inside Turbine Hall

15. chattering DELETE

16. walking past accordion player

17. police sirens (from boat) and waves

18. bfi restaurante

19. chattering DELETE

20. skateboards and bikes

21. train on GJ bridge

22. Latino band

23. yellow corridor

24. charing cross station

25. old London bus engine

26. “North on Rupert st”

27. band in pub on Rupert st

28. “Spare any change?”, suitcase rolls past

29. “Take a right on Oxford st”

30. shop music

31. street chatting

32. screeching bus breaks (outside)

33. screeching bus breaks (inside)

There’s certainly alot of usable material. Now I’m just waiting on my laptop to be delivered so I can begin working with it!


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