The Show

December 25, 2008 at 8:31 pm (Window Music - Prototype 1)


It’s been a few weeks since our show at the House Gallery, which turned out to be quite successful on the whole. The private view was great, lots of people attended and shared their thoughts with everyone else.

It was certainly a useful process for me, hearing instant reactions and responses to what I had created. Whilst the piece of music I had made was quite strong, the visual element appeared weak in comparison. It seems there was some confusion in what I was trying to convey with the visual element. In the short space of time I had to set up the work I wanted to recreate a window frame using 7 identical photographs of my window, which I developed in the darkroom. 4 of these images, which made the top part of my window frame, were positive, whilst 3 of these images, which made up the bottom part of my window frame, were negative. Audio tape (from an old cassette) was intertwined over and across the window frame attempting to show how the feeling of that particular space was shaped by the sounds present within it, as well as the music I had composed using these particular sounds.

What seemed to be missing in most peoples perception of the work, was that the image was meant to represent a window! Also, not everyone could link the thin black tape as  being audio tape. So, the two key signifiers of the work were not that clear! I agree with the comments about the ‘window’, not being window-like, but not so much with the audio-cassette tape. Having said that, this comes down to the audiences familiarity with material. I think the source of this sort of material would be clearer to an audience more familiar with old analogue recording methods.


We all had feedback sheets in which we asked a question/s related to our work. There were some interesting responses:

Name a place in London that you visit or travel through alot.

What does it sound like and how does that sound make you feel?

person A – Oxford Circus

The place sounds like machine noise, because everyone looks very busy, rush, doing shopping, nervous – which is like a machine never stops running.

person B – New Cross

It is very difficult to describe a sound and harder still to describe a whole soundscape & this is a very small box…. it is hard to describe sound without referencing other sounds or generalizations about pitch i.e. noisy, quiet, etc.

person C – the park

woosha woosha woosha – librated

person D – Camberwell


person E – the roads

Sounds like a hurry… feels like time is running out…


Here are some earlier dark room experiments (of varying success!):





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