Window Music in “Feedback Show” @ the House Gallery

December 1, 2008 at 6:50 pm (Window Music - Prototype 1)

Title: “Window Music (inside-out mix)”

The dialogue between sound and our perception of urban space

is central to my current research.

This work is a reinterpretation of a piece of music

which was composed entirely from sounds recorded

outside of my window. It examines the new feeling of

the space in the light of more recent events that took

place inside my room.


I’ve decided to get involved with the show at the House Gallery, which will be on 4th-18th December. I will to rework my Window Music piece, incorporating a recording of the police searching for evidence in my room on the day of the burglary. I will also create a visual element to the piece which will be derived from the ‘evidence’ photographs of my room taken the day after the burglary. The work will be installed by the window downstairs, with headphones hanging on the wall and the visual element either on, or directly underneath the window.


I’m looking forward to finishing this work. I feel it will help me let go of past events, as well as giving me the opportunity to get feedback on the prototype that survived the burglary. Since I couldn’t get involved with the interim show, this will serve as a good precursor to the MADA final show in July.


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