Tutorial Report & Feedback Form

November 14, 2008 at 11:00 am (Tutorials & Workshops)

Issues discussed/Subject:

After losing my work ( through robbery), is my Big Ben piece on my blog enough to constitute a prototype?

Yes, it’s been well documented from the initial conception of the idea to the final developments within MaxMSP.


Clarify what I need to write for the intrim report.


In the intrim report I have to talk about what has changed about my project from initial proposal and why. It doesn’t have to be written in the Harvard style, with references, it’s more my opinion and things learnt through the development of my work.

e.g. 1) My methodology of using the journey to find a space has also become a composition in itself. 2) Sound should be dominant, visuals minimal.


I feel as though my project will still change over the next few months as I begin my journeys again and start gathering my material again from ‘nothing’ (after losing my work!) – is this change, possibility of new directions okay post-Xmas?


Yes, embrace the change for you shouldn’t block the natural development of an idea, otherwise the idea will become stagnant.


Post-MA, Phd / continued research – what are my options?  

Continued research is supposed to be contributing to new knowledge, it is a very specifically defined research project. (e.g. one element or aspect of your Ma proposal explored in depth). You should look at existing sound phd’s.

In regards to the proposal itself, think about positioning yourself (your research) perhaps in between two areas of research (e.g. sound/space audio/architecture).

Funding from AHRC – deadlines in Feb/Mar though.

I can do it part-time, 4-8years.

Post-research you can stay in academia, teaching, get involved with KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) – research/industry cross-over. e.g I could direct a research project towards film-sound, then try and get into industry that way.

Talk to David Toop at LCC, Barbara, Matthew (in research) for more info.


Deadline for Unit 2 assessment is 3rd December


Curate blog by Monday/Tuesday (1st/2nd) – show your path through research/project 


Get in touch with Ian Bromilow

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