Sharing Time

July 31, 2008 at 4:38 pm (Experiments, Reflections & Planning)

Happy Birthday to me!

Much has been happening in the last few months; New Creative Ventures course, helping for the MA show and finally moving house!

During the last few weeks I’ve been aquainting myself with the local area (Islington), as well as making some new music. I’ve begun exploring the use of space within my sonic composition in different ways and also using some of the audio recordings I’ve made on my journeys thus far.

Firstly, I will reflect upon the Golden Jubilee Bridge composition, which I made for a dear friend of mine who’s leaving London. We spent some time there together and I recorded the sound of steel drums being played, whilst we had a conversation. I can return mentally to that shared moment on the bridge through the recording. Through creating the composition I feel I have somehow captured the sun drenched, playful ambience of the bridge at that particular moment in time. However, the feelings that I place on the sound recording has also been defined by the interactions between us. The space has become defined not only by the sonic activity that took place, but by the social too.

Making the composition was as enjoyable as it was healing. It was also interesting for me because the piece developed naturally due to my process and allowed me to express myself with more freedom. After spending much time building up quite a somber and melancholic groove in the first section of the piece, I decided that I had dwelled upon the feeling for too long and needed to move forward. So, I bounced down the 2mins or so that I had made and improvised with it using feedback (via my mixer).

After recording this improv, I opened a new Logic session and placed it inside, along with the original bounce. From here I used my technique of not going back and editing the previous session, instead limiting myself to the produced material thus far. This was refreshing and took the composition in a different direction. The second half of the composition envelops the listener in quite a deep ambient space (using reverb), from which the joyful steel drums emerge, dancing, tranquil. The sadness expressed through the first section gets washed away by the passing of a car on a rain covered road and through the repeatition of a moment shared, with the steel drums in the background. Finally, the moment decends deeper in to the reverberant space and a different moment experienced on the bridge emerges. Another time, another ambience, a different feeling captured in the same space; it’s all part of the bridges wider sonic narrative, an endless stream which is constantly evolving, just waiting for people to experience or share moments in time together.



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