May-June sequenced & Planning ahead

June 28, 2008 at 12:01 pm (Experiments, Reflections & Planning)

Now that I’ve finished the NCV course and there are only a few days left to help set up the final show, I feel I can plan my work schedule for the summer. The above time plan, though quite regemented, was extremely useful. I colour coded different activities and planned weeks ahead in advance so that I knew precisely how much time I had to work on my project (both Uni and NCV), as well as other things.

Over the summer, from July-mid September, I have to do the following things:

1 – move house (mid-July)

2 – develop work for the intrim show, which can also function as my prototype for unit 2 assessment.

3 – engage in a bit more contextual research. (though this can carry on post-September)

4 – try out other ideas and experiments that can inform my current practise

I imagine I will spend the majority of my working on 2, but I’ll see how things work out post-move. I intend to spend 30-40 hours a week on my MA project now, since I feel I’ve lost some time in undertaking the NCV course.

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Psycho Building’s

June 3, 2008 at 2:24 pm (Further Research & Contextualisation)

I went to see the Psycho Building’s: Artists take on Architecture exhibition at the Haywood recently.

It was fantastic. A visceral, physical experience, immersive, playful. It seemed as though a lot of Situationist themes were present, particularly utopias and ‘cities built for play.’




I will write more once I’ve finished this New Creative Ventures course, it seems to be eating up all my time!

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