May 15, 2008 at 1:58 am (Derives)

Today I embarked on a journey after attending the workshop with UAL curators. It was a spontaneous decision. I initially had the intention of walking to Baker Street from Davies Street (the blue pointer above), but changed my mind at the junction of Park Crescent. This was partly brought on by the walk through Portland Place, where a beautifully designed church building struck me. I took a few photos and continued walking. At the end of Portland Place there was a curvaceous building in brilliant white, set against a few red and white-striped cranes towering over it in the background. I decided to ride the curve to the right, which lead me on to Euston Road. I felt my overpowering lust for vinyl gnawing gentle at my ankles like some kind of furry woodland creature….. a hazy image of Camden Dance Music Exchange gradually formed in my minds eye. A vein attempt was made to over-power the furry brute, but his promise of the sonic delights that might await was too strong. The destination was set. I pondered getting on the train, as I continued east along Euston Road. I was still undecided as I passed Great Portland Street tube, so I stopped for a moment. My ears picked up to the visceral metallic symphony happening across the road.

I went closer to investigate…..


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