Life without my computer & sequencing time

May 8, 2008 at 8:32 pm (Experiments, Reflections & Planning)

A few weeks ago my computer monitor decided to stop working. Nightmare!

It had been playing up for a good few months already, flickering for a good 10-15mins when turned on, then eventually settling. During this time I still had a strong urge to write music, so I thought it’d be a useful exercise to get some ideas down without my computer

I had 3 recording devices – my minidisc, my WAV recorder and my tape deck. This allowed me to over-dub; e.g. make one recording, then play it back and record another layer over the top, and so on. So, I sat down with my bongo, readied my mouth for some beatbox and got creative! Each layer was improvised, but I would spend a little time thinking and maybe trying out a few ideas out at each stage (layer) before hitting record and going again. This was the result:

The whole experience brought forth some interesting questions, such as, do I actually have any musical capabilities without my computer at all?!? “No” – that’s what the Zai riddle with self-doubt would say. In reality, I re-discovered that I have some. My strength lies within rhythm, in building a groove and exploring the use of different materials (which I shall talk about in more depth in another post).

This exercise has given me more ideas about the use of sound in my project. I shall expand on this a bit later.

Notes for expansion of this blog entry:

– Time becomes sequential, patterns emerge, patterns become rhythms – ‘systems of meaning’ – minimalism.


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