February 10, 2008 at 1:45 pm (MADA UNIT 1)

These are 2 pieces of work I intend to show in the forthcoming MA group show:

Light-Scratch experiment

This has been an idea I’ve wanted to try for a while, I’ve just needed the right light! The image is actually light reflecting off a piece of vinyl spinning on my turntable. The sound you hear is from that record, it is a sine tone.


I made this piece using 25 layers of the same train journey between Wembley Park & Finchley Road (shot out of the window). Each time I added a new layer I delayed it one frame to the previous one and reduced its opacity slighty. So each 1/25 second has a 1 second trace which gradually disappears. The music is derived from sound recordings made on various train journeys around London and came to be through a series of live improvisations with the material.

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