Audio-Visual map of London

October 9, 2007 at 3:27 pm (MADA UNIT 1)

For my project I intend to create a series of audio-visual compositions based on footage I record around London. I wish to develop an interface that allows the audience can use to explore these compositions and navigate their own route through the work.

I have started looking at interfaces and have come across some interesting technologies, most notably the Multi-Touch developed by Jefferson Y. Han.

It seems quite intuitive and user friendly, allowing simple gestures and movements on the screen surface to control different parameters. Multi-touch sensor technology can register more than one contact point at a time, which means that you can program a lot more responses to a wider combination of user gestures.

Another touch-screen interface, which Tim found, was a lot more interesting:

The Khronos Project allows the user to have temporal control over video clips, depending on the position and the amount of pressure the user applies to the lycra screen. It uses an infrared source reflected off the screen and picked up by a CCD camera (with an IR filter), to read any changes in the surface.

I like the idea of using this kind of technology, but I don’t want the interface to take over the work. Restricting the audiences experience to a screen may detract from the affect I want my final piece of work to have.
I want to create an immersive environment, an engaging experience of re-synthesized London.
Perhaps the interface could be hidden, using motion sensor technology.

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